It Looks Like Poetry…

So…I am not a poet. I sometimes write it when I have some big, typically terrible, emotion that I have been lugging around for a few days, but I usually go months or years without writing much in the way of poetry. When I am moved by the creative spirit though, I sometimes end up with something resembling poetry and it is always the result of my inability to contain the words. The following are some poems that I have written in such a manner. Each horribly emjambed line, ill chosen synonym, and sloppy image has proven a catharsis for me. I’m not intentionally sharing this as a way to fish for writing compliments (in fact I’d prefer if you didn’t comment at all), but I am sharing because I’d like to live my life with the sense of authentic bravery I encourage my students to live with. So…here’s to leaning into uncertainty and discomfort and sharing some really crappy poetry that maybe might encourage others to write their own story and allow words to name the demons and guide the path.


Author: SlightlyWashedUpAcademic

I'm a mid-twenties millennial struggling just to understand my corner of world and how to contribute to it. Most of the things written here are probably shit because despite my BA and MA in English, I still feel like a fish out of water when it comes to writing....and the more I learn the less I know. (The Impostor Syndrome is real.) Now that I am out of school for at least a few years, I want to try and use writing as a form of catharsis again and rehabilitate it back from the brink of misery that 7 years of grueling academic writing has brought my writing to. My friends have encouraged me to blog...which is a strange thing for me to consider since I have grown to hate blogging and the over-indulgent sense of 'authorship' it gives anyone with a computer. So keeping that in mind...I am no where near claiming to be full of grand thoughts that I believe must be shared due to their extreme value to the rest of the world. If I am being totally honest, I am here mostly out of sheer boredom and the need to feel some validation for the two degrees that my advisers and future employers told me I needed...then I chose to be an educator and we all know how that turns out. I do have an excess amount of thoughts about a variety of interlaced topics thought, so I might as well join this century and smear them all over my blog instead of just ranting on my Facebook page like my Baby Boomer family and friends (ah...generational jokes: a classic trope of the social media genre). There will be notes from my graduate classes, some 'unpopular' opinions about bipartisanship and binaries, I might sprinkle in some philosophy that I have pieced together from my Lit Theory book and the School of Life videos (really--you should watch them), and, for your enjoyment only, some really shitty poetry! The likelihood of me pissing someone off will mostly double...that is if this reaches past my first 3 readers (my partner, best friend, and grandmother...Love you guys!). If I am honest, this will probably crash and burn. But before it does, I hope to get some of the ideas bouncing around my brain out on paper because at least then they will not be keeping me up at night anymore. If you do read this blog, I hope you at least kind of enjoy it. PS. Just as a sidenote, because I know it will come up--it ALWAYS comes up--, I just wanted to throw out there that yes I have two degrees in Engish. No I cannot grammar. I am no where near a grammarian. I find grammar to be the taxes of language: understandably necessary, but a total pain in the ass that it is also necessary to bitch about. I can grammar myself into cohesive thoughts and that was good enough for me to earn my Master's, so no I don't know the comma rules by heart, no I refuse to be an editor, yes there are probably a lot grammar erros in my blogs. Grammar is hell! I don't wanna think about it very much. (OH...I might have an idea for a blog entry apparently I do have enough thoughts about grammar to complain about it for a page or two...)

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